A courtyard of a house in Dire Dawa. Of recent origin, Dire Dawa was built by the end of the 19th century during the construction of the railway that today connects the center of the country to Gibuti contributing to bring the country out of its centuries-old isolation from the rest of the world.

The Land of Peace

Documentary Photography, Storytelling Photography

This is my second travel to Ethiopia since 2008 and I went back, this time with my camera. Nothing has changed since then in one of the oldest nations in the world known as the cradle of mankind. Here Muslims and Christians and different ethnic groups (Oromo, Harari, Argobba, Somali and many others) share the same space. Harar, for some the fourth holy city of Islam, with its silent maze-like alleys, Dire Dawa and many small villages in between are the set of my project (here is only a selection). Light and colors, so vivid and intense, are the background I used to focus on my main subject: people, their emotions, their loneliness, their daily life, sometimes a harsh life but always peaceful. All the pictures are moments of pure and immediate reaction rather then a conscious plan, they are my response to the strong peaceful energy of Ethiopia.